AWS Cloud Infrastructure Assessment Questionnaire

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    Your Infrastructure details

    Provide Application Technology Stack Details.
    Provide framework details if there is any.
    Provide Database Engine, Database Edition & DB License Details.
    Are you using any Analytics service for your Application?
    Are your Application hosted anywhere? If yes, Pls Mention..
    Please provide security measurements of your current infrastructure if there are any.
    Monitoring system of your currently.
    Are you satisfied on the current infrastructure?

    Please fill up following information of your current Infrastructure details with Usage:

    Server Name
    No. of Servers
    Used HDD
    Unused HDD

    More Infrastructure details

    Provide application traffic management information?
    Do you have any additional Network Storage Device attached?
    Provide monthly bandwidth consumption details.
    Expected/Current concurrent users
    Expected/Current average visitor do you have on your Application
    What is the percentage distribution of Traffic in the Global Zones?
    Do you have sudden spikes in server traffic? If Yes, Please mention
    Would you like to use the payment facilities from Cloudly?
    Would you like to require 24*7 Managed Services from Cloudly?
    Any other important Application information to share?

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    Cloudly is the cloud native services company, leading the most complex technology projects in the world. We leverage the innovative capabilities of the cloud to help customers build new revenue streams, increase efficiency, and deliver incredible experiences. We have served different industries with different cloud solutions.


    Education & E-learning


    Software Companies

    Media & Entertainment

    Banking & Finance

    Food & Beverage

    Real Estate



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