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Dhaka, Bangladesh | Full-time (On-site)

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Role Overview

Off late, generative AI and application of various AI/ML technologies have taken the world by storm. Who doesn’t know about ChatGPT or GPT4 and how fast the large language models or LLMs are finding their ways into everything from generating text, images, videos? AI/ML is fast becoming a mainstream technology in the entire IT industry and the possibilities are endless. At Cloudly, we have been supporting big data and ML based applications for several years; and we are now ready to build a seed team to work on novel and innovative AI applications that is not just another ChatGPT derivative or “me too” tool. We are looking to expand our Cloud and DevOps practices and are already working with a couple of early partners in the AI/ML space.

We are looking for two AI software engineers who can seed the team and start on the first application we have already spec’d out. We expect this team to grow to several more engineers over the next few months.


  1. A self-driven, highly skilled AI Engineer with expertise in designing, architecting, and productizing AI, big data, natural language process or computer vision solutions
  2. You can excel building and shipping computer vision or AI products in production, and bring a combination of passion and creativity along with a pragmatic approach
  3. You have the skills to build distributed data and AI systems that can process and understand still images, audio and videos from large number of sources
  4. You know how to work cross functionally to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders, and you have a track record of success, working and mutually learning from an extremely high caliber engineering team
  5. You have developed language, image or video intelligence products from inception, with lots of ownership and opportunities to implement novel solutions
  6. You know how to deliver intelligence features with needed attention to end user privacy, security, safety and integrity using K-anon, on-device models and federated training
  7. You are independent and can operate with a lot of autonomy in a fast paced environment
  8. You can communicate directly with customers to better understand their use cases for iterating on future product roadmap (always focus on customer needs)

Expected Qualifications

  1. BS in Computer Science or Engineering with 6-10 years or MS in Computer Science with 3-5 years of industry experience
  2. 3+ years of experience building and productizing AI systems at scale
  3. Strong engineering fundamentals with various back-end technologies in Python and Go
  4. Experience with big data processing technologies and databases, such as Spark, Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, Athena, Glue and DynamoDB
  5. Prior exposure to general cloud solutions, AWS / Azure / GCP or Databricks
  6. Ability to prioritize and synthesize engineering tasks with first principle thinking
  7. Ability to rapidly pick up new technologies, techniques and implement them rapidly

Preferred Qualifications

  1. You have delivered AI-based computer vision or natural language processing solutions at scale that you can proudly demonstrate
  2. You have led teams to develop ML solutions at scale using privacy-preserving or privacy-enhancing technologies
  3. You are not afraid to dive into a problem that has never been solved before and excited to venture into an unbeaten path


Dhaka, Bangladesh working with global teams

Salary and Benefits

  1. 150,000 – 250,000 BDT per month
  2. Yearly 2 festive bonuses equal to a monthly gross salary
  3. 2 days weekend, 10 days casual leave, 10 days sick leave per year
  4. Fully subsidized lunch & evening snacks, also tea and coffee for recreation
  5. Working with friendly, passionate, and experienced teams
  6. Use the cutting edge of technologies with overseas clients and teams

Application Instructions

Submit the resume by email to and mention the job role in the email subject line.