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Dhaka, Bangladesh | Full-time (On-site)

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Role Overview

We are in search of a project manager who can effectively coordinate a team of tech employees to work towards achieving the objectives of clients or other stakeholders. Their main role is to act as a link between the development team and other stakeholders involved in a software development project. They are responsible for keeping all parties updated on project progress, managing changes, and requesting additional resources if necessary to ensure project completion. It is their duty to ensure that all requests and projects are completed within the set timelines. In addition, they are responsible for task prioritization, delegation to the appropriate team members, and providing technical support as needed.


  1. Collaborate with stakeholders to define project scope, objectives, and requirements.
  2. Develop detailed project plans, timelines, and milestones, ensuring alignment with organizational goals
  3. Lead and manage cross-functional teams involved in the project, providing clear direction, guidance, and support; and encourage effective communication and collaboration among team members
  4. Allocate human and technical resources to tasks and activities according to project requirements. Ensure team members have the necessary tools and support to meet project deliverables
  5. Identify potential risks and issues that may impact project success.
  6. Develop risk mitigation plans and contingency strategies to address challenges proactively
  7. Monitor project budgets, expenses, and resource utilization. Ensure projects deliver within budgetary constraints and seek cost optimization opportunities
  8. A solid understanding of technical aspects relevant to the project and engaging with technical teams to discuss and evaluate project requirements and solutions
  9. Oversee project execution, ensuring adherence to project plans, timelines, and quality standards. Track progress, milestones, and deliverables, providing timely updates to stakeholders
  10. Maintain regular and effective communication with project stakeholders, including executives, clients, and team members. Provide status updates on project reports and conduct project review meetings
  11. Manage project changes, assess impacts, and communicate updates to relevant stakeholders. Implement change management strategies to minimize disruption
    Create and maintain comprehensive documentation of the projects, including project plans, requirements, specifications, and post-project reports

Expected Qualifications

  1. Overall experience of 3-5 years in the software service industry, startups, FinTech, or large-scale projects as a project manager
  2. A bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering or a related technical field with additional project management certifications (e.g., PMP, Agile, and Scrum) is beneficial
  3. A strong comprehension of the various methodologies, tools, and best practices in project management is essential
  4. They have demonstrated leadership skills, with the ability to motivate and guide cross-functional teams
  5. Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the capacity to communicate complex technical information to non-technical stakeholders
  6. Capacity to identify and resolve project-related issues and risks with problem-solving and analytical abilities
  7. Experience with Agile or Scrum methodologies is advantageous
  8. Proficiency in project management tools and software for task tracking and project reporting


Dhaka, Bangladesh working with global teams

Salary and Benefits

  1. 50,000 – 80,000 BDT per month
  2. Yearly 2 festive bonuses equal to a monthly gross salary
  3. 2 days weekend, 10 days casual leave, and 10 days sick leave per year
  4. Fully subsidized lunch and evening snacks, as well as tea and coffee for recreation
  5. Working with friendly, passionate, and experienced teams
  6. Use the cutting edge of technologies with overseas clients and teams

Application Instructions

Submit the resume by email to and mention the job role in the email subject line.